Visitor Information



We fly on a Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays throughout the year - subject to the weather.  Visitors/voucher holders should have a pre-booked slot and subject to the weather/demand you may have a bit of a wait but we usually manage to get flights sorted within the hour.  While you are waiting we have a tea bus and seating area and your family are welcome to come along and watch.



The airfield is located 1 mile south of the small town of Kirton in Lindsey on the B1398.  The entrance is on the roadside and marked by a big blue Trent Valley Gliding Club sign.  If the gates are open we are usually flying - come in through the gates and follow the directions on the notice board.



The best and easiest way is to buy a voucher online (as a present for someone else or for yourself) and then book a slot using the details in the voucher pack.