​Trent Valley Gliding Club


Notes and Guidelines for Managing Your Free Flight Flying Account


How to View Your Free Flight Account

The Free Flight login page is on http://free-flight.info:8080/AwareIM/logonAdmin.html  (there is a link to this on the Members tab on the Club website – tvgc.org.uk):


  • Enter ‘TRENT’ (caps) against ‘Business Space’

  • Enter your membership number against ‘User Name’ (contact the Treasurer if you do not know this)

  • Enter your password against ‘Password’ – (contact the Treasurer to renew/reset this)


Once in you will be able to see various tabs showing your Personal Details (please keep your contact details up to date), Log Book, Financials, etc

The Financial tab has a transaction list which displays all the fees charged to your account as a minus figure and payments made into your account as a positive figure. It is also possible to download and print off this information.


Please access and review your account regularly to ensure that any queries can be resolved in a timely manner.


How Fees Are Charged to Your Free Flight Account


Free Flight automatically charges your flying fees to your account upon landing. The Treasurer can adjust any fees charged incorrectly if there are any logging errors or the like.

The Treasurer will charge your Membership subs annually in full to your account in the month when they become due (ie on the anniversary of your original joining date). You will be notified by e-mail when this occurs.


Trailer parking is charged to the account of the registered glider owner (or designated syndicate lead) in two half-yearly instalments

How to Pay-in To Your Account


Please note that your Free Flight Flying Account is a debit account, NOT a credit account – you should not allow a large negative balance to build up or to remain unpaid

Payments should be made by online transfer to the Club’s account (Acc/No. 01816012 Sort Code: 40-28-20), by smartphone via PAYM to the Club’s mobile (07808 515513) or in instalments by Standing Order.


Members should make their payments either:


  • Monthly with an amount which should be sufficient to cover a typical month’s flying fees and to enable an amount towards membership subscriptions, trailer parking, etc to build up

  • Soon after each flying day to cover flying fees incurred (‘pay-as-you-go’)

  • Or by paying in ad hoc lump sums periodically to maintain a positive ‘float’ in the account

Members without an online bank account can make payments to the Club’s account1 over the counter at a bank branch - the Club’s bank is HSBC.

Do ensure your name is stated on the payment information – this enables the Treasurer to identify your payment on the Club’s bank statement and credit it to your Flying Account.


Unpaid or Overdue Accounts


If you are temporarily unable to settle an outstanding amount due to financial circumstances you should cease further flying and arrange to meet the Treasurer and the Chairman (in complete confidence) as soon as possible, so that an appropriate re-payment plan can be agreed upon.


Members who have not made such arrangements and have had an outstanding balance of over £100 for more than 35 days and/or who are not making regular payments will be requested to clear the outstanding amount within 7 days of the notification.


Your flying privileges may be suspended if you do not clear an outstanding amount within 7 days of being requested to do so. You may also be required to pay an advance amount in addition to the outstanding amount before flying privileges are reinstated.