Aerotow to 2,000ft


Aerotow 2,000 is a flight launched by tow plane to 2000 feet, which may last up to 20 minutes.  The launch is a gentle 5 minute climb behind the tug as it tries to find the best rising air in the sky.  Once the tow has been released you will be floating silently across the Lincolnshire Countryside.  Should you wish, your instructor will show you how to fly the glider as you try to catch a thermal for your first soaring flight.  Alternatively you can sit back and enjoy the sights as you float effortlessly through the sky. 


In addition, trial lessons include temporary membership of the Club for 3 months, during which additional flights can be taken at 'club rates', as listed on the flying fees page of our website. All flight times are approximate, subject to the weather. Vouchers are valid for 12 months from date of purchase. We fly weekends and Wednesday's, subject to the weather.


Voucher packs are posted by first class mail and are typically received within 7 days of order.


Trent Valley Gliding Club - Voucher Terms & Conditions


  1. After purchasing your voucher online, please contact us to book your flight in advance by telephoning 07514 195169, when will advise you what slots are available. Your flying slot may be cancelled at any time due to adverse weather or operational conditions. However, we will endeavour to contact you as early as possible to inform you. In this event, your flying slot will be rescheduled to a day of your choice, subject to availability. Most weekends we are able to offer all options appropriate to the voucher. However, aircraft maintenance and weather conditions may prohibit one or more of the flight options.

  2. Gliding vouchers are non-refundable and have a validity of one year from date of purchase.

  3. Under exceptional circumstances the voucher may be transferred to another user.

  4. Trent Valley Gliding Club is run entirely by its members and next day delivery of vouchers cannot be guaranteed. Vouchers will normally be despatched by first class post within 3 days of receipt of your order.

  5. Please be advised that there is an upper weight limit for the person flying of 16 1/2 stone (105kg), & a maximum height of 6' 4" (193cm).

  6. The minimum age for a person to fly is 10 ½ years of age. In addition, the person needs to be physically big enough to reach all the controls and able to comprehend & interpret instruction.

  7. We are unable to fly members of the public who have taken any alcohol on the day of the flight.

  8. Each voucher is only valid for one person. Vouchers cannot be split between two people.


Trent Valley Gliding Club Ltd

The Airfield, Kirton In Lindsey, North Lincolnshire DN21 4GG

Telephone: 01652 648777  


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